Sviatoslav Medal

Grand Prince Sviatoslav

The inscription on the right image says: "Came for the second time and took" [at the top], and: "Perejaslavets-on-Dunaj was taken from Bulgarians in 971, by force" [at the bottom".

In brief, at that time of the turbulent Russian history, Perejaslavets was a Russian city under the strong Bulgarian influence. The Bulgarians, however, were leaning more towards Bysantia rather than Russia. Why is the "second time" mentioned? That is because Prince Svjatoslav was coming to fight Bulgarians one year before the events commemorated on this medal. Some sources question whether there were "two" or just "one" time military operation since in fact, the army of Prince Svjatoslav never left Bulgaria - it was staying in the country while the Prince was on his way to Kiev with his personal guard (konnaya druzhina). The historical books (letopisi) say that Bulgarians took Perejaslavets by force - and the locals assisted them since they didn't like the city's military chief (voevoda). There was a treason that resulted in the city falling into the hands of Bulgarians. The military chief of the city escaped and joint Svjatoslav who at that time was coming back to Bulgaria, from Kiev. Svjatoslav came to to city captured by Bulgarians and liberated it. The fact that the medal says :Great Prince Svjatoslav of the Southern and Northern Russia" I think emphasizes the power of the Kiev's Prince over the lands not only to the North from Kiev but also to the South from his capital - that is towards Bulgaria and Bysantia.

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